Hookie & Tom Hopkins

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Hookie & Tom Hopkins

25:32 · 2018

Episode 260

This episode’s topic is about heroes and hookie. I would love to know for those that are watching and listening to us, I would love to hear about your most interesting hookie story. I’m not talking about go out and smoking in a hookie pipe. I’m talking about literally playing hookie from work as an adult, not as a kid. I’m talking about things that you were working at a pay job or salary, and you called in sick. I’m talking about something you did when you couldn’t afford to do it and you went and did it anyway. I’ll tell you my biggest hookie story.

For a short period of time in 90 days, I worked for Palm Harbor Homes. They’re a big modular and mobile home company. I was working for their modular department but I still sold their mobile homes next door. You learn a lot about mobile homes when you go through their training program and start selling mobile homes. I was working for them for short period of time. I was on salary. I was doing what I could to help market and do some other things. I wasn’t enjoying the job that much.

Have you ever been to a big event, been to a bigger city, or been a part of an organization? Oftentimes, you’ll see these event marketing things where they have a big sales guy, Grant Cardone, or some of these info seminar companies will come through and they’ll send out a sales guy to introduce you to things. They had a guy show up at our offices and they pulled in about twenty people from four of the nearby Palm Harbor offices. This guy gave a presentation on Tom Hopkins, How to Master the Art of Sales, and then Ron Marks, who’s the time management guy. They were coming to Austin to spend a full day going through that give the presentation.


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