Live Your Own March Madness

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Live Your Own March Madness

34:23 · 2018

Episode 256

This episode is a little bit different than most. It’s good to switch it up a little bit. It is all about why your note in real estate business is like March Madness. If you don’t know what March Madness is, it’s this time of year where we have the NCAA Men’s and Women’s College Basketball Tournament. It’s always great to see a lot of the excitement that goes in the universities. A lot a lot of people get excited about it. Besides the Super Bowl, it’s probably the largest betting weekend amongst workers where people fill out their brackets to see who’s going to go from the 68 teams and make it to the NCAA tournament down to the final championship game.

My bucket is already busted. I watched as the first half of my team that I picked to win, Arizona, got kicked out or lost in the first round with 13-0. Arizona ranked fourth seed which means they are in the Top 16 in teams. They lost to a team that wasn’t even in the Top 30, Buffalo, a team that had no NBA superstars. The Arizona team, when they lost, they had two stars that immediately said they were going to go skip their sophomore, junior, and senior seasons and go straight to the NFL.

It’s an exciting time of the year. It’s also the biggest Thursday and Friday that people take off from work, specifically men, because they take Thursday and Friday off to go sit at home and watch basketball. There’s a lot of excitement going on. Out of 17 million brackets, some of them ESPN, only 10,000 are still good. A lot of people are already upset with a couple of the upsets. It was exciting to watch. I only watched the first half of the Arizona and Buffalo game because we went to a movie afterwards. I was like, “This isn’t looking good,” when the big team with two future NBA stars are down by two at the half.


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