Overcoming Obstacles & Killing Squirrels

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Overcoming Obstacles & Killing Squirrels

40:02 · 2018

Episode 254

This episode is something that a lot of people have trouble with over time and it’s to focus and it’s keeping committed to what you’re looking for and keeping committed to staying on that path to that long-term goal. A lot of people struggle with. I’ve talked to quite a few people as we’ve worked through different assets where we talked with people about our upcoming Note CAMP Convention or our Note Mastermind group, or just talking with our friends or extended note family, peeps out there and just seeing what’s going on and seeing who’s struggling with things.

I’m totally excited for our upcoming Note CAMP Convention as well. For those that don’t know, it’s April 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, three and a half days with over 30 plus speakers and over four days of content. We’re stumped about it. It’s going to be great event. We’ve got some big keynote speakers, Rhonda Britten, an Emmy Award winner is going to be joining us there along with Sharon Lechter, the author of Think and Grow Rich Three Feet from Gold along with Think and Grow Rich for Women along with co-author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and Outwitting the Devil, which was a rewrite of Napoleon Hill’s book that he wrote in 1938, but never published it until just a couple of years ago.

Everybody struggles with focus. God knows that I do as well. I’m coming from a point of inner release about sharing what’s going on with everybody. We see the market changing. We see prices increasing. People have to get a little bit more creative in their sourcing, their sourcing of assets, and their sourcing of performers or non-performers. What happens a lot of time is people come into something and they don’t have a solid business plan, a solid foundation in place. I talked to several people, they’re like, “I am going away from the note business,” and I’m like, “What are you doing?” “I’m going to this. I’m going to that.” I’m like, “That’s a lot harder. Why are you reinventing the wheel? Why haven’t you done this?” “Well,” I get a lot of wells and I always like to make a joke that a well is a ground with a hole that you pull water out of. A lot of people’s wells are dry because they’re not digging and they’re not sticking to it.


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