Hacking Fynanc With George Antone

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Hacking Fynanc With George Antone

53:51 · 2018

Episode 203

Scott: We have a very special guest, my good buddy, George Antone. If you don’t know who George is, you better Google it really fast to find out because this cat is the author of several bestselling books. He has three or four bestselling books. He also created the largest network of private investors across the country. What he’s probably best known for right now, if you’re in a real estate community, is the book, The Banker’s Code and The Banker’s Code Revisited. He is doing something amazing now, switching gears, tweaking businesses like we often do, and literally spending his time learning how to hack different finance rules or rules of engagement that a lot of people don’t know about. George, thank you. Thanks for joining us.

George: It’s my pleasure. It’s my honor. It’s always, always great spending time with you and chatting. I think you and I can chat for literally hours and hours and hours. It’s always fun.

Scott: It was great catching up with you in Cincinnati at the Ohio REIA that Vena Jones-Cox put on, a great event. Hanging out with you, John Burley, Damon Remy and a few of the other characters out there, Larry Goins. I would say the same thing. George, you and I could sit here and just visit and pick each other’s brain and talk about stuff. What I love is we realized that we have a lot of the same characteristics. We both have big hearts, want to give a lot of information to help people, and a lot of crossover with a lot of students that are out there and doing things, whether it’s buying notes or raising capital or engaging rules of finance to help them really raise more capital or retire earlier and make more money, right?

George: Absolutely. All I hear are amazing things about you. It’s always a better training but it’s always back and forth.

Scott: I wanted to have you on here because you do such a great job of providing value. Why don’t you share a little bit some of the things that you’re working on right now, with only a month left in 2017 and then 2018 around the corner?

George: I’ve been training for a number of years now, more than ten years. One thing I found consistently is certain people sitting in my audience that just don’t want to spend the time to learn to invest. That’s fine. What I found though is that there are so many people out there. As you know, investing, you have to be committed to it for a number of years to really master it. Even though you can start relatively soon, but you have to spend and invest the time. I found a lot of people that just want to enjoy life and their whole question is, “What are the few things I can do to leap forward financially without having to spend all this time learning to invest?”


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