EP 132: Upgrading Your Conciousness with Devi Adea

35:59 · 2018

(Septemberfest) (Devi download) In this episode of the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Devi talks about "Upgrading Your Consciousness".

Devi chats about:

• Her extraordinary life experiences as a singer, song-writer and as a Spiritual Entrepreneur
• How consciousness play a big role in our lives
• Her love for computers and technology
• Our consciousness and our function
• Making your own updates in your life
• Having our own connection to the divine or our “inner wisdom”
• Ways on upgrading your consciousness
• Optimizing your “connection”
• Having that “presence practice” to commit success
• Practices to deepen your “divine cloud”
• Particular forms of “meditation”
• Connecting your way into “meditation”
• Having a “presence practice”
• Practices to shift your energy
• Embracing your “bad experiences”
• Letting your feelings come up and embracing it
• Letting your feelings move through you
• Accepting and connecting with your “bad experiences”
• The process called “Living Namaste”
• Focusing and giving attention on the “light”
• Being filled with “grace and acceptance”

Connect with Devi on her website @ deviadea.com


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