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Marisa Murgatroyd is 4’11 and a quarter – she’s called the shortest woman in marketing — but that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas.

When she started, she created 6 online courses with decent sales and had the completely demoralizing experience of watching the majority of her students struggle, give up and fail. She felt deeply conflicted about marketing and selling products that didn’t consistently deliver real transformation. That is, until she realized she wasn’t alone. She discovered that up to 97% of people who buy information-based products don’t complete those products and get results.

When she talked to her peers about it, they were having the same experience. But the consensus was that “some people just aren’t meant to succeed.” She watched that happening with her students for a long time, but couldn’t get herself to believe that. She started studying the app and game industries that were succeeding every day in captivating human attention.

Things really hit home in the summer of 2016. She and her husband left for Italy in June. While they were away they starting hearing about the game Pokemon Go, which was released in July. They started seeing these news report of people – grown adults – literally stopping their cars in the middle of the street without even bothering to park and dashing out just to catch these little virtual Pokemon creatures on their cell phones. Say what? This game was causing stampedes of people running through the streets with their phones.

In the 5 weeks they were away, this game that hadn’t even existed when they left had become a global phenomenon. A viral phenomenon that was spreading like wildfire, the game today still has over 800 million downloads, with 147 million monthly active users. Two years later, 18% of those people are still playing the game. That’s a pretty high stick rate. That showed her the true possibility of the framework she happened to be developing at the time – a revolutionary new framework to bring the secrets of the bestselling apps and games to fellow experts and entrepreneurs.

Marisa calls this framework the Experience Formula and this new class of product Experience Products. Experience Products are a totally new way of creating and marketing products that she’s developed using the secrets of the bestselling games and apps to get your customers hooked on taking massive action, getting results, and ultimately buying from you over and over again. An Experience Product can be a course, training, product, service or even 1:1 coaching or consulting program in any industry that integrates the 10 critical elements of the Experience Formula. Experience Products combine gamification, adult learning psychology and innovative curriculum design to create an engaging experience that works with the brain’s natural chemistry of motivation to get students, customers and clients hooked – in a good way – on changing their lives through you.

Marisa has helped over 1,000 students and colleagues create experience products in industry after industry, on every type and kind of product. Her students have created Experience Products® and Services in dozens of markets, such as Reiki, Publishing, all kinds of Coaching and Consulting, Education, Careers, Online, Local & Traditional Marketing, Health & Wellness, Personal Productivity, Relationships, Spirituality, Sex, Art, Design, Finance


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