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Tips on how to have more confidence and power by Shana James

• The more responsibility, the more leadership you have, the more some of those old wounds or old places where you feel a lack of confidence and power can suddenly arise 
• A lot of men come to me who are single and they’re doing well at work and for some reason, it’s not translating.
• If you walk into a board meeting or a funders meeting and you’re kind of dead in your body, your first impression is going to be much less inspiring than a man whose body is awake.
• “Communication received is communication given”
• What I’m most excited about is actually really laying out these invisible factors or the invisible accelerators of success and attraction in a way that men can really understand them
• People want the story, the heart. The depth of what we’re doing. They want the why, right?  

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The more responsibility, the more leadership you have, the more some of those old wounds or old places where you feel a lack of confidence and power can suddenly arise 

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Doug:Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. Today we are going to dive into a different type of conversation. If you think of each of us as unique human beings working where we’re planted in the marketplace whether we’re entrepreneurs or we’re managers or we’re marketing managers, whatever we’re doing, we likely have a lot more going on than just what people see at work. There are likely relationships. There might be wives and kids. So we’re going to try to take a lot at more of a holistic approach and consider the idea that if any of those areas of your life aren’t finely tuned and working well, that will carry over and all the other areas of your life will suffer as well.

Today in the studio I’ve got a guest and I want to introduce you to Shana. She has for 15 years been a coach and she’s coached nearly a thousand men. The men that she’s coached have been leaders, CEOs, authors, speakers, and men that had big visions to go out and change the world. These men step into a more powerful leadership. They start to grow businesses, create more effective teams. They increase their impact, they get promoted, they find love, they rekindle a spark, they create a legacy and they become more personally inspired and fulfilled.

Shana has been known for her ability to assess in just a few minutes the cause of distraction and the stuck points in your professional and your love life. She creates a clear and unique path for you and me to experience true success, incredible love, and sex. Referred to by men as a secret weapon, she cuts through distraction and provides you direct access to your confidence, power, and clarity. She is also a translator of women speak which I can’t speak for you but I could always use some health with, and she’ll give you some effective tools to transform conversation and the dynamics that have gone awry into connection, affection, and passion. With an MBA in psychology and DISC certification, she has more than a decade facilitating groups, workshops. She is an entrepreneur having started multiple businesses and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs start their own.

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