Invisible Power of Precession

28 minutes · 2018

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The law of precession is the effect of bodies on motion on other bodies in motion, as Buckminster Fuller put it. In other words, for every action you take, there will be a side effect. This is similar to karmic marketing, which you may be familiar with from a previous episode. Just a honeybee doesn’t know the side effect of making honey, you probably won’t know what the side effect will be.

The universal purpose of a honeybee is cross-pollination, which sustains life on earth. If the honeybee went extinct, humans would soon follow. However, the honeybee doesn’t realize this universal purpose; it only knows that it’s making honey. Pollination is the precession effect of the honeybee following its instinct. If the bee didn’t move forward to make honey, there wouldn’t be any cross-pollination. The same is true for you! There’s no way to find your true purpose until it finds you.

One thing we can learn from the honeybee is that it’s okay not to have full clarity about what your purpose is at first. As long as you follow your instincts and consistently act on them, the precession effect will follow and good things will happen. You can only gain clarity and confidence after you start moving forward. When you’re focused on movement, you stop doing what’s not working and continue to do what is working. Eventually, your true purpose will find you.

Tune into the episode to learn more about how all of this works! I’ll also talk about how to know what your internal signals are, why feedback is so important in helping you become a better influencer, the role that objections play, and how incredibly powerful precession can be.


In This Episode:

[03:07] - We hear a quick introduction to the main points that Alex will cover in today’s episode.

[04:13] - Alex talks more about the law of precession, and links it to the concept of karmic marketing.

[07:08] - The honeybee is an example of the law of precession, Alex points out.

[08:56] - Alex points out the ways in which we’re similar to honeybees in terms of moving forward and precession.

[10:33] - You gain clarity and confidence after you start moving.

[11:32] - Alex gives a concrete example to illuminate the points that he has been making.

[14:39] - You can only know what your internal signals are if you follow them and get feedback, Alex explains.

[16:40] - Alex shares the importance of focusing on movement.

[18:14] - We hear a paradox: the bigger your calling, the more profound the changes you’ll make to humanity, but the stronger the resistance will be.

[20:12] - You may feel concerned that in seeking your true purpose, you might move in the wrong direction.

[23:24] - The Alexism for this episode is: “Don’t just launch new products or services. Create marketing movements.”

[24:28] - We hear a quick review of the topics that Alex has explored throughout today’s episode.

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