Drug Courts

42 minutes · 2018

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What are drug courts and do they work better than the punitive system? If so, why aren’t they everywhere?

Aaron Huey, founder of Firemountain Residential Treatment Center, interviews Dan Bennett, A Drug Court Counselor. Dan Bennett started work in the helping professions in 1979, working in a “Drug Free” mental health program run through the County Mental Health Center.  While there, he received a masters in “Psychology, Counseling and Guidance.” During years of work, he has worked in outpatient clinics, provided DUI treatment, worked in the developmental disabilities field (helping individuals in the community as well as transition out of a State Hospital). For 4 years, he was the “adolescent therapist” for the islands of Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Following that, Dan worked at an inpatient psychiatric hospital in Fort Collins. Ten years ago he went into private practice and through the private practice he has been a group therapist for the Larimer county Drug Court.


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