Digging Up with Clara Reese

41:25 · 2018

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How does a teen do at home after treatment? Clara, a graduate of Fire Mountain Residential Treatment Center talks about life after treatment and what really worked for her as a young woman in recovery.

Clara Reese is a Fire Mountain Programs graduate - she came to the program in spring of 2016, lost and struggling with addiction, depression, and chronic anxiety; and then left five months later with direction, hope, and as the first resident to graduate with a job. Currently, Clara is a student at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, double majoring in Art and Psychology. She also runs a small LLC called Rooted In Alignment that hosts her flourishing reiki practice, and enjoys every opportunity she has to work alongside current or graduate Bear Tribe members as a mentor, and a friend.

Join host Aaron Huey from Beyond Risk and Back!


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