114: Getting Into The Virtual Assistant Industry with Bryan and Shannon Miles

41:48 · 2018

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Bryan and Shannon Miles is a power couple who grew their company in the virtual assistant industry from two employees to over 60. But as amazing as this story is, like most people, they started with a lot of heart-pounding risks and “burn the boats.” In the spring of 2010, Bryan was working as a VP of consulting for a construction company and was on four to six flights a week. At the same time, Shannon was working for a Fortune 10 company called McKesson. They had two kids at the time, two and five, and they hit a roadblock in terms of how they were operating as a couple and also how they were working in their jobs, coming to a point where they needed to make a change. Bryan and Shannon shares the preparation they did before quitting their job and taking the leap, and talks about how focusing on one vertical helped propel new contracts and referrals and word of mouth.


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