108: Generating Traffic Through SEO: Creating Value And Comprehensive Content with Stephan Spencer

38:47 · 2018

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If you believe that you have value to add then add it. Step up, speak up and become part of the conversation. That is exactly what Stephan Spencer did. Stephan got a job as a mic runner at an internet marketing conference so he can get in for free. As a 24-year-old young guy who thinks he knows SEO and online marketing and conversion stuff more than the panelists and the speakers, he started to chime in on some of the answers. By the end of the day, he had this huge stack of business cards, two of which turned into at least $500,000 each accounts over the course of time. Stephan didn’t have a portfolio but self-taught himself different online marketing techniques. He is now bestselling author and an SEO expert whose work includes helping business owners increase their visibility on the web and generate traffic through SEO. He says you’re on to something if you're creating something that is so valuable that people are compelled to share it, to link to it, to blog about it, and to tell people, friends, family about it.


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