107: How To Master The Art Of Selling with Tom Hopkins

40:43 · 2018

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There are no shortcuts to success. Almost every one of us has to go through tough times and learn how to move forward. Tom Hopkins’ journey towards becoming the influential person that he is now proves just how important hard work is. Aptly called The Builder of Sales Champions, Tom is also the author of the book How to Master the Art of Selling. From being thrust into the world of real estate at such a young age, he took on the guidance of J. Douglas Edwards and started doing better, growing himself later on to impart what he learned to other people. Tom says mastering the art of selling is about loving what you do and having the passion for it. He shares some tips on how to find that passion and gives some inspirational advice about selling and closing deals that will give you the confidence to take on the tasks coming your way.


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