105: Conversational Marketing Through Building Quizzes with Josh Haynam

36:52 · 2018

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There are two big reasons why quizzes are incredibly popular. Number one, people love to talk about themselves, and the other thing is it lets you learn about yourself through quizzes. Josh Haynam, co-founder of Interact Quiz Builder, says a quiz lets people talk about themselves because you're answering questions that are often highly personal within the quiz. A quiz lets you find out about yourself because you're going to get personalized recommendations on how to improve at the end. Josh says there's an entire industry built around learning about yourself. People in the marketing world are taking advantage of building quizzes in order to entice somebody to buy something. Josh explains that somewhere between six and fifteen questions is optimal for getting somebody interested in your product or your service and then selling it to them. Discover how you can formulate and launch a quiz to capture an audience, get some leads, and get new opportunities from it.


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