How to Become an Animal Communicator with Joan Ranquet

15 minutes · 2018

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I think we can all agree that our pets are more than just our animals. They are truly members of our family, and oftentimes our best friends. We all talk to our pets on a daily basis, but what if I told you that you could make a living off of animal communication?

In this episode of ILTV, Keri speaks with best selling author, speaker and animal communication expert, Joan Ranquet, who has been making a living by communicating with animals for over 25 years!

You’ll learn:
How her mother’s diagnosis with cancer pushed Joan to think outside the box on how she could expand her reach.

How she uses her position to help endangered species, and bring awareness to the consumerism crisis.

How her unwavering love for healing is what kept her going through the toughest of times.

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