Big Cat Briefing Sept 9

01:43 · 2018

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It was a very fun day today!!! It was a little bit cooler and the cats and volunteers had a great time.

The interns worked very hard cleaning the rat area and cleaning the TX tigers enclosures. Lots of scrubbing and weed-whacking!!!

We also had a lot of fun watching Diablo play with his new awesome palm tree enrichment made with lots of love by Senior Keeper Sarah D, for her tiny gentleman!!

Overall and awesome day! - Angie Gabor

We had a great day today! We had just enough volunteers to get feeding and cleaning done. Got some sign-offs done as well. Gave out a lot of sickles today, it was hot most of the afternoon until the downpour at about 4pm. Rich did a great job getting Keisha to eat. Photos of Gabby, Priya, Kali and Manny getting their blood sickles. - Sue Messineo


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