Big Cat Briefing Aug 22

00:59 · 2018

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Note, this video in the background is just one section of their cage which is over 4,000 square feet in size.

Super busy day today! We had just enough volunteers to get everything done!

Nabisco was moved to the outside recovery cage

Frosty was moved home back to his cage next to Ginger

Tonga was taken into the hospital to be looked at and will be in the recovery hospital after

We weedeated around the outside of the recovery cage and scrubbed it clean to make sure it was nice for Nabisco

The recovery hospital was also cleaned so it was nice and fresh for Tonga

The cages on the cleaning slab are clean so they can be put away for tomorrow but the rehab transport still needs to be cleaned

All the picky cats are very well today!

The cicle cats all loved their treats on this very hot day!

Steph and Fred stayed in food prep to finish chores so that the new interns could watch Tongas procedure! - Big Cat Devin

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