Big Cat Briefing Aug 21

02:16 · 2018

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Frosty Serval is back in his home enclosure after an extended stay in the hospital. Poor little Nabisco Bobcat is going from the indoor hospital to the larger outdoor hospital cage so we can monitor his seizures with two cameras. See camera links at

We had another great day today! It was intern fred’s first day back as a level 3

Thanks to bethann, cindy, vanessa, MC, honey, phyllis, fred and abbey we got feeding and cleaning done in great time.

Steph C and Alec worked on food prep to get it finished and cleaned up before lunch.

Kathryn and myself made blood cicles and restocked the freezer in the enrichment cabin.

Alec took his small cat cleaning class and fred took his map test, then his big cat cleaning class.

All the picky cats ate well. Both Keisha and Cameron ate close to 8lbs.

Vanessa, MC and myself went out to outback, in the afternoon, and got around the texas tigers/hoover mowed and weed-eated. We also got the bank leading to the land-bridge started

Bethann and Cindy went out and made sure all the cats got their afternoon cicles and also did some operant.

The hospital boys both ate well. We found poop for Nabisco but not for frosty.

Tonga didnt want to eat in the AM, but ended up eating 6oz of red and ckn thigh from a long stick in the PM.

We were able to send out 3 tours this afternoon and 2 private tours AM. Thanks to Mary G, Diana and Denny for helping out on the partner side.

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham


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