Congruence: Horses Shifting A Predator Mindset Towards Mental Well-Being

38:41 · 2018

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Cassie Ubaldo joins Melanie Vann and Kristin Sunanta Walker to talk about her work with active military, veterans, and other first responders utilizing horses. She is located in Southwest Montana and has found a way to share her passion to help others find their path to health and wellness through working with horses. She appreciates the authentic and honest lens through which horses respond to people and their energy.

She strives to use those unbiased instincts in horses to allow individuals and groups the opportunity to see their own behaviors in a safe and compassionate setting so they can become empowered to start living life the way they want to live.

Cassie has had a unique opportunity to mix her formal education of a bachelor's degree in psychology and a masters in education with the wisdom she has learned from growing up with horses. She is enthusiastic about sharing her experience and guidance with those interested in taking the lead in life.


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