Big Cat Briefing Nov 9

02:01 · 2018

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No your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Lisa Alstein and Diana Rao came to Enrichment tonight! Thank you ladies for making Enrichment. Thank you Danielle Smith for getting us an assortment of craft tweezers. I didn’t burn my fingers! Thanks Carole Baskin for letting everyone use your phone to sign in since our iPad decided to not work. - Maureen Calderon

We had a great day!
Big thanks to Aleesa Salcido, Candy Couser, Mark Mira, and interns Fred, Maz, Elle, & Dylan for helping unload a huge mush truck that didn't have a pallet jack
Jinx and the Texas tigers were moved to their homes from Vacation/Funcation. Dutchess was moved into Vacation. Someone will be moved into Funcation tomorrow.
The four enclosures of the outback row, closest to Cam & Bu, were weed-eated and look great!
The Kitten Cabana was bleach cleaned, including toys & cat towers. All of the kitten carriers were cleaned, dried and moved back into the cabana for safe keeping.
Everyone ate pretty great today!
Thanks everyone - Lauren Grant


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