Big Cat Briefing Nov 7

01:19 · 2018

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Another good day at the sanctuary, with plenty of volunteers to get feeding and cleaning done.

Food-prep was completed right before lunch by Tanya, Dylan, Megan, Fred, and Elle.

Mazz got rid of some old pumpkins from Halloween

Cicle cats were done by Marie, Cindy, and Victoria. The cats were very happy to get their treats.

Fred, Megan, and Tanya worked in the Texas Tiger's enclosure for a little bit today. They weed-eated in the back bubble and picked up sticks, palm fronds, and the palm berries. We still need to work on this project to complete it.

Tanya made new supplement capsules since we were out.

Hoover ate very well today, he took his AM and PM meds.

Keisha also ate very well today!

That's all for today! - Devin Saari


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