Technology and Marketing – Taming the Technology Goliath!Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies, Livin

27:25 · 2018

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Technology and Marketing – Taming the Technology Goliath!

Leading Ladies Leaving Legacies, Living Legacies!


Join us Wednesday, September 26, 2018, @ 7 pm est time for a Very Special Guest.

You are in for a real treat our special guest is all about and into Technology. Allison Ronis. You will love the tons of tips and tools that she is going to share with us. Allison bring clarity and her style will embrace you and you'll want to connect with her asap. You'll see how she inspires you to step into it all and stay fearless her outlook is calming and authentic. You will love hearing her take on technology. Join us and come with your questions we love the interacting that Be Live TV affords us can't wait to see you and don't forget to share. See you soon.



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