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Tips on how to use webinars to improve sales with Todd Earwood

• As marketers, we need to listen to our sales and customer service people. They have front-line information that is golden!
• Webinars marry marketing and sales the best of anything we’ve done personally.
• People will do more to avoid pain than they will to pursue gain.
• Sometimes people are ready to buy, but you’re putting so many barriers in that path to purchase. We try to really focus on what is the straightest line from the top to the bottom of the purchase.
• I would rather create a process that gives me 14 great leads than 400 unknown quality leads 
• For webinars, we somehow think people are magically going to talk the entire time and keep that interest. So we’ve gone to a model with webinars where there’s an MC like you would be introducing you the speaker on stage at a conference.
• The number one the thing we do is we create only private webinars.

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Webinars marry marketing and sales the best of anything we’ve done personally.

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Doug Morneau: Well, welcome back listeners to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast. And today we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about real marketing and real marketing that generates profits and sales. Our guest is going to tell you why profits triumph all, and that once you drive profits and sales, then it’s okay to go look at those shiny objects and consider other things. But until you’ve got the profits, just focus on that first. So our guest is Todd Earwood. He is the founder and the CEO of a company called MoneyPath. He and his team work together with companies to help them build sales growth and provide technology solutions for their clients.

Todd believes that the best use of his team and the marketing they can do is using webinars, and they use these as powerful sales tools that will engage customers for years to come. He’s helped his clients do that through Webinar Works, his training program for building effective webinars. He’s here to share his perspective on marketing, arguing that true marketing is much more than social media or superficial branding guides and that we should get back to the basics, ROI focused marketing to drive sales. So pull up a chair, grab your pen and your notebook, you’re ready to take some notes, learn about driving profit ROI with Todd. So, Todd, I’d like to welcome you to the Real Marketing Real Fast podcast today.

Todd Earwood:Doug, it’s great to be with you, man. I really appreciate it. Hope we’re going to have some fun today.

Doug Morneau:Yeah, I absolutely loved our pre-episode conversation in that we both have a burning desire for sales and marketing and moving the dial, and not necessarily designing pretty things but putting money in the bank for our clients.

Todd Earwood:I think that’s the key man, I think people who want marketing to perform and the true modern marketer is thinking more about the science and less about the art, and it’s a nice blend when you can bring those together. But I believe that profits triumph all.

Doug Morneau:Yeah, you can hide a lot of stuff if you got money pouring in the door.

Todd Earwood:Right. Look, I love testing new campaign

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