Zouletta Serval Eats and Drinks

04:29 · 2018

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Zouletta Serval eats a full meal on her own a day after we did Xrays and Sonogram as well as blood work on her. Zouletta was on the charts for not eating well and vomiting foam. We feared she had another acorn stuck in her digestive track, but didn't find any such thing. What we did find were kidney values that were off the charts bad. She had normal kidney function in August. Dr. Justin is treating it as if it were an infection, and prescribed antibiotics, anti nausea drugs and a regimen of sub q fluids over the next few days to see if it turns around. She's 18, which is the average age that our servals live to be, so this could be the end for her, but we wanted to give her every possible chance at recovery first.

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