Intermediate-Advanced Vinyasa Flow with Mariko Hirakawa

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Intermediate-Advanced Vinyasa Flow with Mariko Hirakawa

8 minutes · 2018

For the instructional version, go to: Shot in beautiful Costa Rica, this Fluid Vinyasa Sequence is designed to open your body and align every fiber of your being so you can become a conduit for the inspired energy of the Universe, and channel it into your Highest Expression.

This 7 minute sequence includes:
- Hip openers
- Quad stretch
- Hamstring stretch
- Deep twists
- Standing balances
- Heart openers

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Yoga is far more than a workout. It’s nothing short of an inner revolution. It’s a profound perspective that allows you to be your most vibrant, effective, authentic self. Mariko Hirakawa is a Yogi, ayurvedic healer, author, speaker, entrepreneur. The role she is most proud to play is to be a PARTNER IN BELIEVING for her clients. She holds the Vision for what your Soul longs to manifest in your life. No matter how many obstacles you’re facing, let’s stand in this KNOWING: YOU ARE HERE ON THIS PLANET TO MANIFEST YOUR HIGHER DESTINY.

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