Big Cat Briefing Nov 19

02:05 · 2018

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We had a lovely Sunday today. We had the return of former intern Andrew Blackwood who's here for a couple weeks and we had a visit from Barbie Barbara Zingg. So nice to see old friends. Barbie did a cleanup of the recovery hospital.

Lauren Buckingham covered AM meds.

We had a small work group from Univ of Tampa who worked with Candice Casey and Deidra Ritchie and they cleaned outside the cougar cubs old enclosure all along the cart path. They cut back the bushes so you can drive down the path without getting whacked.

Desmond. Fowles came in on his birthday today and enjoyed a lovely keeper tour.

Rebecca Williams did the feeding tour and Dylan Lavigne got his last signoff. Yay!

Sunday regulars Brittany Mira, Stephanie Chaiser, Mai Richardson, Lacy Benton, and Stephanie Witherspoon all came and cleaned and did their usual great job.

Interns Tanya Chute, Maz and Elle did a meat inventory so there’s a new tab in the spreadsheet with today’s starting count.

Rebecca and Steph C got a start on cleaning up tiger island but still lots to do in the tunnels and cutting back palmettos.

Steven Becker got another feeding signoff and then fixed some lockout doors, the bridge by Kali and other maintenance items.

Sarah Copel came in for the afternoon and did supplements and chores and took her Keeper tour class!! We need more people to do those specialty tours.

Kathryn and Becky Gagliardo did their usual magic with meds tonight - especially Cameron. They let me take care of my boy Hoover.

We ended by about 6pm and enjoyed an early night. - Lynda Licht


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