Nice Guy Killer with Andrew Dickson on The Alison Donaghey Show

56:32 · 2018

Alison Donaghey, A cause and effect strategist, speaker, radio host, and author, talked on November 7th, at 1 pm PDT, with Andrew Dickson.

They spoke about ‘Nice Guy Killer'

Raised on a farm in New Zealand, Andrew was excited about knowing God personally. Years later, having not seen anyone model such an intimate spiritual walk and molded by the expectations of society, he had lost hold of his childhood dream of a life of adventure with God.

By 18 Andrew was a people-pleasing nice guy. This eventually resulted in him being found divorced and alone in a foreign land by age 36. God met him in his brokeness and, through deep changes, transformed his life. Andrew's given names, previously an impossible burden, became the identity he owns today.

At various times during the last four decades Andrew has worked in New Zealand as a dairy farm manager, social worker with ex-convicts, and self-employed biblical counsellor. In Tanzania and Uganda he has been an agricultural project development advisor, timber merchant and furniture maker, cropping farm manager, and missionary deacon.

Today Andrew enjoys being a happy husband and proud father. He coaches Christian nice guys to be accountable to God first and foremost. Only then can God kill off their fearful fake outer nice guy, resurrect their true inner great guy so they can live purposeful, passionate, powerfully productive lives.

Your host, Alison Donaghey, instigates new ways of thinking. Alison creates space and strategy for people to question the status quo which leads to improvements not only in their lives but in the world.

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