Big Cat Briefing Nov 21

01:14 · 2018

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It was a nice and cool day today with lots of volunteers that came in to help feed, clean, and get projects done.

A few of the cats got their Thanksgiving turkeys and Cornish hens today and they were all very excited!

Food prep was finished early thanks to Aleesa since she finished cleaning early

The cicle cats all got their cicles thanks to Victoria, Sharon, and Cindy

All of the picky cats ate pretty good today

There is a small cat that we found today living under the Keeper Cafe. We were not able to catch it but we did leave some wet food in hopes of getting it soon.

Aleesa, Steph, Fred, Victoria, Megan, and Mary all stay late today to help with projects. The project for today was working in the tiger island area. They all weed eated the tunnels and trimmed the palmettos so that it's nice and clean when the new cats arrive. - Devin Saari


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