Secret to Prevent Sales Rejection

30 minutes · 2018

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You don’t need to have sales ability to learn sales technique. You just have to memorize sales technique! If you’re intimidated by sales or wish that you had been born a great salesperson, the idea of being able to learn sales technique probably sounds reassuring. You’re in the right place, because that’s exactly what I’ll teach you about today!

My friend Ted is known industry-wide as a closer. He closes sales, and seals the deal. He doesn’t do it by being pushy or through manipulation, or even at the end of his presentation. Instead, he uses trial closes and statements hundreds of times during a 90-minute presentation.

If you’re bad at sales, trial closes will make you good. And if you’re already good at sales, trial closes will make you great! A trial close is like a seed being planted for your audience to give them an opportunity to give you compliance. I like to cluster them in trios, which takes advantage of the remarkable power of three , as you heard about last week. Tune into the episode to learn more about how I use trial closes, and to hear quite a few examples!

As you’ll learn today, when you’re using good sales strategy, there’s no such thing as one final close. Instead, there are just trial closes, with a final push at the end. You build all the tension and energy throughout the course of your presentation, until you ethically have your audience eating from the palm of your hand.

Tune in to the episode to hear all about trial closes. You’ll also learn...

...why closing sales starts the moment you begin your presentation, not at the end.

...why trial closes prevent embarrassment and personal rejection, because you’re closing as you’re presenting.

...why a planned set of persuasive sentences can triple your sales conversion.


In This Episode:

[03:11] - Alex shares the three key insights that he’ll illuminate throughout the course of today’s episode.

[04:58] - We hear about Alex’s friend Ted, who is known across the industry as a closer.

[07:02] - The key principle behind closing a sale isn’t to take a sledgehammer and split the rock in half at the end of a presentation, Alex points out.

[08:18] - Alex likes to give trial closes in sets of three, taking advantage of the remarkable power of three .

[10:58] - What is a trial close?

[13:51] - If you’re bad at sales, Alex points out, trial closes can make you good. He then gives more examples of trial closes.

[17:45] - Trial closes don’t always have a yes/no answer, but they get the prospect to visualize something.

[18:23] - Alex talks about how he likes to use trial closes: in groups of 3, with 36 trial-close trios in a 90-minute talk.

[19:52] - Selling is all about persuasion, entertainment, and enthusiasm, Alex explains.

[21:51] - Today’s Alexism is this: “Turning obstacles into opportunities are the defining moments in your business you’ll remember most.”

[23:32] - Alex gives listeners a gift: 23 Persuasive Selling Sentences for the Stage .

[25:26] - We hear a quick review of the points that Alex has made throughout this episode.

[26:50] - If you haven’t already reviewed this podcast, please take a moment to go to this link and leave a star rating and review along with your biggest takeaway from this particular episode.

[28:12] - In addition to his previous gift of 23 Persuasive Selling Sentences for the Sta


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