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Tips on celebrating success and what I’ve learned about podcasting after doing 100 episodes by Doug Morneau

• Thank you to listeners, guests and my team.
• How do you celebrate success?
• People are watching and you may be inspiring more people than you know.
• What do you wanna do? What goals do you want to accomplish? Just do it!
• I wanted to meet and connect with people who are the very best at their game. That’s why I started this podcast.
• I have connected with companies that lineup guests for my podcast.
• How to get booked on a podcast and be a great guest.
• Rant: Taking out the trash. My goal is to build an audience of engaged people.
• The five most impactful books I’ve read in this past year.
• If interested, join my mailing list – what’s working – no pitches!

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How do you celebrate success?

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Doug Morneau: So, what I don’t want you to get the feeling here is that everything shiny is not gold. It wasn’t an easy process. It wasn’t like I just flipped a button and all these things magically came together, and they came together seamlessly without any problems.

Well, welcome back, listeners, to another episode of Real Marketing Real Fast, and this isn’t just any episode. This is the 100th episode of Real Marketing. So, as a new podcaster or new to this space, I’ve been podcasting just a little over a year, and super excited to talk to you in episode 100, and I want to share with you some of the successes I’ve had, some of the challenges I’ve had, but more importantly, just get a little bit vulnerable, and just pull back the covers, and let you see inside, behind the curtain, what we’re doing. I want to start out by first saying thank you for listening. Thank you for subscribing. Those of you who have left reviews, thank you for leaving reviews.

Today’s episode really is about inspiring you to keep moving, to keep trying, to be your best, to achieve your goals, and to learn from my mistakes.I’m going to share one of my biggest weaknesses with you, but first, here’s some great ways to celebrate success, both big and small. After a big success, we should take a deep breath. We should share with friends, family, and colleagues. In this case, I’m sharing with my audience on our podcast. Then give your goals a rest or a break for a day. Take a look back at the path that you’ve taken to get to your success. Then write down your successes and put them away somewhere where you can see them every day.

Sometimes I have to look back and kind of reflect on what’s gone well or the areas that I’ve had success in my life when I’m having those bad days, or a bad week, or hopefully it’s not a bad month, but it’s good to reflect back and see the progress that you’ve made. So, again, thanks for everyone who’s listened. Thanks for supporting. Thanks to my 90 plus guests. Over the course of this last year and these 100 episodes, I’ve had to reach out to a lot of people that I didn’t know, introduce myself, and ask them to come onto the podcast as a guest.

I want to thank my team. You know, this effort of setting up, and operating, and promoting a podcast is pretty tough to do in isolation. I think by being involved in several different community groups, and podc

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