Big Cat Briefing Nov 27

02:06 · 2018

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Great day today with lots of volunteers coming in to help.

Yellow shirt Alyssa is back after a short while away. It is was great to have her

Cindy, Mike, Vanessa, Steph C and Phyllis all came in to help get the cats fed and cleaned.

We had an Ed tour mid morning, which Dylan, Elle and Red shirt Jefferey helped with.

Fred got his 10 week reward as today was his last day of level 3. He did operant with amanda and Nikki.

BethAnn and Candy made sure the cats got their cicles. They also made more out of the blood we had in food prep

Intern Susana did her final solo tour sign off

Yellows, Bethany and Alyssa, scrubbed the front of both of the big external freezers...they look great!

Mary Ellen did the 9am private tour, leaving Pam to cover the gift shop whilst Karma was doing Cyber Monday Shipping.

Picky cats ate well for the most part.

Thats it from me! - Lauren Buckingham


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