When Pants Fit Properly - You Get Style!

25:44 · 2018

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Style With Joy!
Discover Your Signature Style & Stamp

Tuesday, November 27, 2018, @ 7 PM EST

Unless you've found the perfect pair of pants you need to join me and find out what makes a great fit. You want to stay away from pants that aren't flattering for your body type. Knowing your body shape is your beginning. Pants must fit you and the right pant for you can be found. Drop by and let's discuss all your possibilities. You'll leave with great information. We love seeing you, so come and bring your questions we know you've got a few. See you soon.

For your complimentary copy of the guide, 'Discover Your Signature Style & Stamp', please comment 'Style' (click this link to comment: https://www.facebook.com/joyruffenlifestylist/videos/518838468598311/ )



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