Big Cat Briefing Nov 29

01:56 · 2018

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Was a chilly but pretty day at BCR. We had lots of volunteers and interns to brave the chilly weather. Feeding and cleaning were done way before lunch. Food prep was finished before lunch as well. Thanks to Bridget and Tanya. Des, Megan, Andrew and Dylan worked on Dutchess's cage so she can go home tomorrow. Des and Bonnie did pm snacks and the cicle cats. The interns and Des and Bonnie helped move Andi and Max back out side and cleaned up the hospitals. All the hospital cages were cleaned and put away. Afton did PM meds and got everyone to cooperate. Thanks to everyone for working so hard in the cold today!!

That's it for me!

Kathyrn Stapleton

Busy cat move day today!
Echo & Foxtrot were released back into the wild today‚̧
Natalia was moved into jet regular enclosure between Nikki and Armani, and she had the extra two bubbles that go to Sundari's enclosure also.
Manny was moved home from Funcation, and Maya was moved out to Funcation.
Dutchess was moved home from Vacation and Jasmine was moved out into Vacation.
That's about it! - Lauren Grant


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