Navigating Family & Workplace Transitions

25 minutes · 2018

Whether your a successful corporate woman, parent, entrepreneur, volunteer, domestic goddess, or all of the above, transitions happen. Your career status may get adjusted and/or your parents or other elders may need caregiving. Sometimes these transitions happen at the same time. We don't wish that on you. But if you find yourself befallen with a transition, we know it can be tough going especially if the circumstances are new to you and those close to you.

The good news... Here at Women Speakers Association we have a tremendous body of wisdom with our members. Anella Metoyer shares about the power of disconnecting during a career transition time. Cathy Sikorski is our Elder Attorney who enlightens us on the three plus one things we need to have when going into a caregiving situation. Women Speakers Association (WSA) features expert advice from women leaders on #WSATV shows and #SpeakerChat.


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