$10M+ in annual revenue- Sabri Suby, King Kong

56:47 · 2018

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From a bedroom to a successful business, Sabri Suby shares the journey of scaling a marketing business from the ground up.


In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Sabri discuss:

•        How marketing can completely change a business’ revenue, especially with small businesses.
•        How to build an outstanding and revolutionary marketing business from the ground up.
•        Scaling up a business to promote the growth needed to become successful.  
•        Dealing with turnover in growing businesses and how that impacts scaling.



Key Takeaways:

•        Hire slow and fire fast. If you've got aspirations to build a big company, you are not going to be able to do it by yourself.
•        One word - Focus. There is so much opportunity that is thrown at you every day as a business owner but you need to be really focused on what is THE thing that you are striving to do.  
•        Don’t ever settle, let the dream you envision be reality.
•        How you market your business will change your overall impact with your client base.  
•        Inspiration and desperation often come hand in hand, and help a business grow.


"You see what is possible."— Sabri Suby


About Sabri Suby: Sabri Suby - the story of a salesman

Suby’s digital marketing agency King Kong has more than doubled in clients and revenue in the past 12 month period. In October 2017 it had a team of 33, and this month King Kong is a team of 50, with the expectation of having more than 100 staff within the next 24 months as a result of sustained business growth. With a healthy influx of international clients, King Kong also has plans to expand with overseas offices. It is no surprise that King Kong has been named Australia's fastest growing digital marketing agency (AFR Fast Starter's List).  

It’s massively disrupting the digital marketing space by killing vanity metrics, using true ROI and only charging for success.

Started in 2014 out of his bedroom, completely bootstrapped, King Kong has become one of the biggest business success stories in Australia with the agency being name fastest growing digital agency in AFR Fast Starters List 2017 and Best IT Small Business in the Australian Business Champions Awards. He's also racked up $4000 million in revenue for clients and his own business since launch.  

From Suby’s long line of success in sales and marketing, particularly digital marketing, it’s not hard to understand how King Kong found success. The agency has become a company of over 30 employees operating out of smart offices in South Yarra, Melbourne, working with major clients nationally and internationally, including Raine & Horne, Slater + Gordon, Aussie Home Loans, The Good Guys, the Sydney Swans and First National among many others. It offers services including SEO, CRO, PPC, Facebook Advertising, web design and landing pages.

Suby got the taste for sales and marketing in his first job in Byron Bay when he was just 17. Here, despite a slightly slow start, his manager’s belief in him and his dedication to mastering his work saw him quickly become an expert cold-caller who actually enjoyed the art and soon smashed all the sales record of the company.

Young and energetic, Suby took his skills to London where he applied the same dedication to what he did, and again smashed all the sales records f


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