046 Dov Gordon: It’s Not Information that Creates Transformation

42 minutes · 2018

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In this episode, Jim and Dov discuss:

•         The two paths: the path of a charismatic guru and the path of mastery.
•         Being tactic agnostic.
•         Knowing what you are trying to accomplish.
•         The purpose of your marketing and selling systems.
•         The power of attention and interest.



Key Takeaways:

•         Having the knowledge doesn’t always allow you to put it together in a way that makes it work for you.
•         There’s nothing wrong with you, it’s with your process.
•         Finding what works for you and turning that into a process. There is not one theway. There are tons of different possibleways.
•         Practice, practice, practice. You’ve got to be practicing on a daily basis and learning as you go along, with feedback.
•         It’s not that you don’t know enough, it’s that you don’t understand what you do know deeply enough.




"You’ve got to go through it yourself. No one can do it for you. You have to go through and do the work, to push through and pay the price, to master so you get to the point where you understand, and not just follow a list."— Dov Gordon



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