Big Cat Briefing Dec 10

01:36 · 2018

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Rain rain go away!! Today we had rain pouring down sideways, lightning, and tornado watches. While it was pouring we pulled together and got food prep finished early. We got rainy day projects done as well. Steven Becker made some supplement capsules so we are ready for next week. Vanessa Ply, Mary Jerome, Tanya Chute, and Mazz organized and deep cleaned food prep. Dylan Lavigne and Susanna organized the tool shed. Candy Couser organized the Vox systems. We did so many projects I am sure I left some out. Even though the day started off rainy and gray we had a great day and got a lot done. All the cats ate well and were frisky too! - Jennifer Ruszczyk‎

It was a beautiful day today! Lots of volunteers. Everyone worked very hard taking care of our cats. Thanks to Alyssa, with Dylans help, for getting food prep all done by lunch. Alyssa went through the feeding buckets and found 6 for Keisha. She reorganized and we now have 1 AM, 1 PM and 1 extra for Cameron, yellow buckets. Keishas buckets are green. Andre's buckets are purple and Hoovers buckets are orange.

All of the picky cats ate very good today. Cameron loved lamb! - Sue Messineo


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