Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 5 - Presenting: Identifying the RIGHT Shows

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Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 5 - Presenting: Identifying the RIGHT Shows

27 minutes · 2018

In Module #5, we shift to learning how to identify the RIGHT shows to appear on and developing REAL relationships with the influencers who host them so you can get booked on their high-visibility platforms!

When given the choice between featuring one of two people who both focus on the same Topic of Influence, a host (or producer) will grant the appearance to the person they know and have a relationship with over someone who may be better qualified, but lacks the same degree of familiarity.

T. Harv Eker refers to this as the “Know, Like & Trust Factor.” Developing meaningful relationships with influencers and decision makers will have a massive difference in the number of bookings you are able to secure.

The first step towards developing these relationships is to read my 17 Proven Ways To Develop REAL Relationships With Influencers eBook which you can download to the left.

Inside, you’ll find proven tactics for not only landing on an influencer's radar but, also, cultivating sincere friendships that move beyond simply being a familiar name or face.

In a vast, competitive sea of equally qualified experts who also seek to appear as a guest on high-visibility platforms, differentiation and authenticity will be the key to your success.

In this Module, we review the process for identifying the shows you most want to appear on, attaining their contact information and review the 17 strategies for developing REAL relationships with influencers.


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