Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 6 - Being an Engaging Guest

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Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 6 - Being an Engaging Guest

24 minutes · 2018

In Module 6, we shift towards focusing on how to optimize your appearances by powerfully engaging with hosts and adding massive value and tangible takeaways for audiences.

To take full advantage of the visibility generated by appearing on top podcasts, you must learn how to be an engaging guest who effortlessly connects with listeners and naturally comes across as someone the audience WANTS to learn more from.

This requires you to speak in ‘sound bites’ and ‘bounce’ passive listeners from the show they are hearing into becoming active prospects in your business eco-system.

There are five core Engagement strategies you can leverage:

Intriguing, and
Informing requires you to share information listeners have likely not heard before.

Teaching focuses on providing the audience with specific takeaways they can apply to their life or business.

Entertaining is based on the notion that listeners will likely fail to recall what you said, but will remember how you made them feel. Therefore, it’s imperative to learn how to be a good storyteller.

Intriguing the audience means that you have piqued their interest and leave them wanting more.

And, finally, Challenging focuses on getting the audience to shift their thinking and then offering to hold them accountable for doing so.

In this Module, I go deep into each Engagement strategy and encourage you to choose one, or more, of these strategies when you're interviewed.

Remember, VBV (Visibility Begets Visibility) and the more engaging you are, the easier it will be for you develop rapport with listeners, naturally come across as someone they WANT to connect with and learn more from... AND, secure appearances on other shows.


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