Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 8 - The "Know, Like & Trust" Factor

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Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 8 - The "Know, Like & Trust" Factor

38 minutes · 2018

In Module #8, we shift towards the establishment of the ever-important "know, like & trust" factor and the proven way to endear new members of your tribe to you so they willingly (and consistently!) invest in your products, programs and services.

Your tribe (aka your list) is your company’s single greatest asset. Smart internet marketers view subscribers in this manner and make business and marketing decisions that honor the sanctity of this relationship.

Those who fail to recognize each subscriber as an individual who has specific needs and represents more than just vanity metrics, will have difficulty creating, and maintaining, a sustainable and scalable endeavor that effectively serves ones ideal market for an extended period of time.

To effectively serve your subscribers, the creation of a tailor-made 'indoctrination sequence' is crucial.

An effective ‘indoctrination sequence’ is delivered automatically through a reliable CRM and gets sent in automated fashion to subscribers in the order and frequency you decide. The sequence should further the initial conversation and lay the groundwork for the sale of your products, programs and services.

Its most important function is to take people who are curious about you and turns them into raving fans. Therefore, your sequence should contain your BEST content -- information that solves their problems and provides small, quick wins towards what they want to achieve.

Ideally, the education provided should be of meaningful value and naturally makes readers want to share your content with their tribe.

This Module details how to make this happen and begins the segue towards your ultimate goal, and our final module, Monetization.


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