Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 9 - Monetizing Your Visibility

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Steve Olsher - Profiting from Podcasts - Module 9 - Monetizing Your Visibility

35 minutes · 2018

In Module #9, the rubber truly meets the road as we shift towards the holy grail of visibility -- monetization!

Appearing as a guest on shows, and eventually creating your own, requires consistent, dedicated effort. The ‘opportunity cost’ for the investment of your time, energy and resources is substantial.

Therefore, a meaningful ROI is reasonable… and expected. Reaching those who need you most, and creating a thriving endeavor, requires you to market and monetize your expertise.

Monetization is a skill that must be mastered by every organization or, inevitably, the business will be forced to cease operations. Creating and selling products, programs and services that address the specific problems, needs & desires of your tribe is essential to your success.

Monetization is the yardstick by which the degree of impact you have on those you’re most compelled to serve is measured. In the end, a business that fails to generate revenue is merely a hobby.

By consciously committing to activities that are directly, or indirectly, related to sales and avoiding ‘shiny object’ distractions, your business will prosper.

The other Profiting From Podcasts Modules focus on the ‘roots’ of your success as one who leverages the power of podcasting. This final Module focuses on the ‘fruits’ of your labor — borne through the creation, and implementation, of for-sale products, programs and services.

While other tactics exist, the five core Monetization Strategies we’ll focus on are:

1) Merchandise
2) Online Courses
3) Membership Programs
4) Live Events, and
5) Coaching

Be sure to click the link below to download the Module #9 Action Guide and IMPLEMENT what you learn.

PS - This is the final module of the Profiting From Podcasts training. From my heart to yours, THANK YOU for your confidence and your willingness to invest in your personal development and business growth.

I hope the training has massively exceeded your expectations and, most importantly, empowers you to reach those who are literally waiting for you to appear on their lives... AND provided you with the guidance you sought for monetizing your visibility.


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