$36M in annual revenue- Marx Acosta-Rubio, Onestop

56:59 · 2018

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Marx Acosta-Rubio Exited His First ICompany for 10M+

Immigrant Deca-millionaire Marx Acosta-Rubio lost everything, sold the business, then bought it all back and 3x’d his profits.






In this episode, Steve, Mary, Richard, and Marx discuss:

•         How he grew his business, sold it, and later bought it back and grew it to 3x the original iteration.
•         The difference in the first model versus the current model of his business.
•         The 4 things you cannot delegate as a CEO/Entrepreneur.
•         Finding success with a disconnect between your passion and your profession.


Key Takeaways:

•         You are ONLY 2 or 3 moves top from disaster or greatness, not 10, just 2-3.
•         Analyze what you do right and reverse engineer it to help teach others how to succeed as well.
•         The purpose of building a company is to grow it, not to sell it.
•         Your mindset is one of the most valuable parts of the formula to your success.
•         Make your client a hero in their world.

“The real key to the product for us was the absence of problems, not the addition of benefits.” —Marx Acosta-Rubio

About Marx Acosta-Rubio:

Marx Acosta-Rubio is an immigrant Deca-millionaire. With a success story all can aspire to with powerful business growth strategies.

Sure, we’re always marveled at the billionaires or those who have earned hundreds of millions of dollars in selling their companies or getting in early on a cool venture.

Some people are lucky like that.

But… what about for the rest of us?

How do we REALLY attain millions of dollars and still achieve a happy life with wife (or hubby) and kids, friends, health, etc.?

Marx made his first millions of dollars (CASH) growing a company that sells toner and office supplies via the phone. Not sexy, not Internet based, not Uber(ish) and not technology based either.

It’s much harder and much more admirable to earn tens of millions of dollars selling a commodity. And doing it with zero cash to start.

Marx was born in Caracas Venezuela, and migrated to the U.S. in October 1st 1977. He spoke no English and was being raised by a single mom.

He got in trouble at school, only got D’s and F’s and flunked 5th grade. His mom sent him back to live in Venezuela during the 10th grade because she could not afford to feed him.

By the time Marx got back, there wasn’t much hope for him. He smoked 3 packs of cigarettes a day, woke up with a beer and went to sleep with a Whiskey. He had been in shootouts and caused havoc wherever he went.

But one day Marx had an epiphany.

By the time he was 28 he was making $250,000 selling for an organization, which fired him after 3 ½ years. He got fired because the owner of the company lacked integrity and Marx let him know it.

By this time he owned a home, had a beautiful wife and had a one-year-old baby boy but zero money in the bank. In fact, he was still $35,000 in debt.

So as soon as he got home, he told his wife he was fired and she quickly put the kids at grandmas, got a biz license and made Marx get on the phone the very next day.

First year he sold $800,000 on the phone. By age 31 he had $1 million CASH in the bank. By 37 he had over $10 million CASH in the bank. By 38 he had $0 CASH in the bank, and by 39 He had NEGATIVE $2 million

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