The Power of Compassion

37 minutes · 2019

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You’ve probably heard of Chicken Soup for the Soul, but do you know the famous story that didn’tmake it into the books? The story of Kyle is about how compassion can not only save a life and create a best friend for life, but also keep customers for life.

In case you haven’t heard it, this story (told by Kyle’s best friend) is about a teenage boy who was bullied in school. The narrator, seeing Kyle’s torment, invites Kyle to join him and his friends for a basketball game, and Kyle accepts. That was the right thing to do! Doing the opposite is the first big mistake when you sell; don’t say “no” when the offer is there!

The more the narrator and his friends hung out with Kyle, the more they liked him. Over the next few years, the narrator and Kyle became the best of friends. Kyle was high school valedictorian, and by then, he had filled out, looked great, and had tons of dates! On the day of Kyle’s speech, the narrator was stunned to hear from the speech that Kyle had planned to kill himself on that day they first met. That simple act of friendship had been enough to save him.

If you’re wondering how this relates to sales and business, the answer is that the compassion shown in this story relates to business in every single way. If you look at the word “compassion,” it has three words inside of it:

Compass. If you’re going to build a business and be good at sales, you need direction!
Passion. This is about empathy and suffering, and passion is the source of the empathy you have toward someone else.
Ion. At the molecular level, you’re made up of ions. Could it be that in your molecular and cellular makeup, having compassion can make a huge impact?
If you’re beginning to understand this, you’ve unlocked the three key words secretly buried in the magical word of “compassion.” And that’s just one of the three key insights I’ll cover today! Tune into the episode and you’ll learn the other two: why compassion is the single greatest sales technique of all, and why you should follow the the counter-intuitive strategy that you can only keep what you give away.

In This Episode:

[03:08] - Alex introduces the three key insights that he’ll be exploring today.

[04:30] - We hear about the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and its two creators, as well as one powerful story that didn’tmake it into the book.

[06:00] - Alex shares the beginning of Kyle’s story , which holds information about how you can keep customers for life.

[09:55] - We hear the rest of Kyle’s story, including the powerful and moving speech that Kyle gave as valedictorian.

[14:08] - How does this relate to sales and business? In his answer, Alex breaks down the word “compassion” into three parts: compass, passion, and ion.

[19:16] - Compassion is very necessary in any sales exchange, Alex points out.

[22:15] - Alex shares a powerful lesson from Tibetan Buddhism.

[24:10] - We learn about why the story of Kyle means so much to Alex, and what he did (and didn’t do) in a similar situation in his childhood.

[26:32] - Alex talks about his mom’s reaction to how he behaved in first grade when Hans was being bullied.

[27:17] - As a public service, Alex offers a free Friday show at 12 PM Pacific/3 PM Eastern. You get free access to Alex during this live weekly masterclass! You can join the event at this link .

[29:46] - Alex reviews what he’s covered today,


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