Finding Your Joy with Rob Leonetti#2

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Finding Your Joy with Rob Leonetti#2

30 minutes · 2019

Rob Leonetti shares more inspiration and wisdom with us. Rob is a transformational speaker, author and entrepreneur. His mission is to help his clients to discover the keys to lasting, positive change that enable them to make empowering "choices" that align with their authentic selves by creating the clarity to connect with their truth, expand their mind and spirit, and harness their god given passion to live their most joyful, healthy and fulfilling lives.


Our show's purpose is to inspire viewers to reclaim their power and to realize happiness and joy through positive choices in health and spirituality. Guest speakers are experts in the field of supporting people to thrive, whether through fitness, philosophy, spirituality, finances or healing. Our show covers a variety of topics to increase knowledge and inspire a new perspective of the world.

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