Multi Short Walkabouts in May 2017

59:10 · 2019

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There are a lot of times that I try to do a Facebook LIVE Wildcat Walkabout but get interrupted. Those clips are too short to post as a video to YouTube, so I save them and compile them into something an hour long so you don’t have to keep starting a new video every five minutes. These all occurred in May 2017 and include:

Shots I filmed that weren’t live shots, like leopard going crazy

Several feeding and meds sessions with lions, tigers, leopards and cougars

A new design in bucket lugging

Sioux and Lakota Bobcats

Joseph Lion roaring and Cameron Lion gets growly

Grand opening of the new Tiger Lake area to Seth Tiger

Sending the Texas Tigers on “vacation”

Interns taking down a tree with their bare hands

Happy dance in the rain after a 2 year drought

Watch more long form video like this at or on Roku look for the Big Cat Rescue channel in the free channels section.


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