Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher

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Reinvention Radio with Steve Olsher

44:32 · 2019

Episode 391

Scott: I’m jacked up to have our buddy, Steve Olsher, on who is the Master of Reinvention. He’s the host of two amazing podcasts and an absolutely amazing figure in the marketing and the podcast field up there. He’s the host of two amazing shows: Beyond 8 Figures Podcast and Reinvention Radio. Thanks for joining us. Steve, you’ve done a great job in the last few years and even beyond that. We all have peaks and valleys. We all go through ups and downs. You’ve done an amazing of being truly the master of reinvention. They’ve written articles about you on being able to help reinvent yourself and pivot in the industry. I want you to share a little bit about your background with our audience.

Steve: I am the poster child for reinvention. That’s why the moniker that I’ve been using for about the past years is America’s Reinvention Expert. I do help people reinvent their personal lives, help businesses reinvent their focus, their ability to monetize, generate revenue, etc. From an entrepreneurial perspective and almost every pass, I’ve changed gears from nightclubs, being a DJ to owning my own nightclub, to then getting involved in catalogs and early in the online space. We launched on CompuServe’s Electronic Mall in 1993. A fully functioning eCommerce site that we built out in 1995, which became in 1998. Real estate development developed over $50 million in property over about a dozen years or so. Then writing, speaking, coaching, podcasting, hosting live events like the one you joined us at the New Media Summit. I am the personification of the word reinvention.

Scott: That’s the reason we have you on here. You’ve done a great job of pivoting, changing and reinventing yourself, going with whatever the hot thing is. Maybe not the hot thing but the thing that you could make the most amount of impact on. We have so many of our audience who are going through some reinvention. They’re transitioning out of a job. They want to be more real estate entrepreneurs or they’re looking to leave some of that. Some of them they pursue a passion or use real estate investing to help them fund their passions, travel, retirement or things like that. You’ve talked to so many amazing people, especially on Beyond 8 Figures Podcast. It is such an awesome show. I want you share a little about the show, Steve.

Steve: We’ve got a couple of shows. I’ve been doing Reinvention Radio since 2009. I took a little bit of time off and then back at it full-time since 2015. Full-time, meaning I consistently put out episodes for Reinvention Radio. On that show, we feature people who have reinvented their lives. Either they were doing X and now they’re doing Z or they’re reinventing a particular industry or something of that nature. Lots of interesting folks join us on that show and it runs the gamut. Every show’s got a theme, reinventing fear, marketing, real estate, you name it. We’ve covered it over the years. Beyond 8 Figures is our newest show that we just launched not terribly long ago. On that show, we exclusively sit down with entrepreneurs who have either exited for more than $10 million or currently run businesses that generate more than $10 million annually. We’ve had people like Naveen Jain, who’s a billionaire. Reid Tracy, the President, and CEO of Hay House. They do over $100 million a year. Christopher Lochhead with $4.5 billion exit with Mercury Interactive. Lots of folks that you’ve never heard of who are qui

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