The Brand Doctor with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

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The Brand Doctor with Henry Kaminski, Jr.

36:08 · 2019

Episode 394

Scott: We’ve got a little bit of branding going on and I can’t think of a better guest to have on than our good friend and known as The Brand Doctor, Henry Kaminski, Jr.

Henry: I appreciate you having me on the show. We had you on The Brand Doctor Podcast. You ripped it up over there. I’m excited to share some value with your audience and do the best I can.

Scott: For those that may have watched us during the National Social Media Day, Henry was a guest on there. It got a ton of rave reviews. One of the big reasons it helped us get over 150,000 views on all those videos. I want you to tell everybody who you are and your expertise.

Henry: My name is Henry Kaminski, Jr. I own a company called Unique Designz and I specialize in personal branding. I’ve been in business for several years. I’ve spent the last several years designing my personal brand and I’ve helped many entrepreneurs design theirs. We’ve gotten very niched and we help people come to market from a brand identity standpoint to a messaging standpoint. Branding is not just a logo, it’s not just a website and it’s not how you look. It’s how you make your audience feel and how they perceive you as a subject matter expert. If they don’t, we have a major problem. I’ve spent the last many years mastering my craft and I have created some beautiful brands. I’ve worked with Bon Jovi, Russell Brunson, Fabio Viviani, and some awesome individuals and inspiring as well. I’m here to provide value in any which way I can in regard to positioning yourself as a subject matter expert, building your personal brand, scaling your expertise and helping you live a better life and run a better business.

Scott: Let’s talk about that because a lot of people especially as we get to the end of the year, there’s a certain thing about the New Year’s resolutions. In our line work, we get a lot of people that come over that want to leave their job to pursue their passion or become an entrepreneur. They come from a 40-hour work week where they’ve been dictated what to wear. What that job or boss mentality of what that culture is to try to do something on their own or starting to do some things on their own. They started to chase their own dreams. What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people doing when they’re right out of the gate?

Henry: They’re trying to be something they’re not. One of the biggest mistakes people make is trying to front or trying to be something that they haven’t had any experience in yet. Just because you’ve got click funnels then it makes it easy to create landing pages, it doesn’t mean that you’re an expert in it. It doesn’t mean you understand marketing. What I like to tell people is make sure that you have achieved some success up front and then showcase that success. People are going to hire you because you are where they want to be. There’s nothing more inauthentic as trying to fake it until you make it. I know people jump on that bandwagon, but I’m here to tell you that eventually you’ll be found out. Let me give you an example.

I’m not here to point fingers. I’ve done that and got the t-shirt where all I wanted to do was impress my family, impress my friends and impress my colleagues. What all that got me was nothing but a bunch of resentment. They were like, “Henry, this isn’t you. Who are you trying to kid? Who are you trying to fool? You’re not fooling us. Why do all of this? Do it for you.” It took me many years for me to re

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