2018 Year In Review

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2018 Year In Review

42:58 · 2019

Episode 396

First and foremost, thank you for being such a big part of our extended Note family. I’m amazed at the amount of success of the show has had in 2018. It’s crazy beyond expectations of what’s going on here. Let’s get rock and rolling here in a little bit. 2018 was an absolutely fruitful year of a podcast from January through December 31st. The numbers have been absolutely crazy and outstanding. I was looking at numbers a day and we have had over 155,000 downloads for 2018, which is a good size number for what we expected, and we continue to deliver a lot of content on a regular basis. We try to shoot for 150,000 and we beat that number. We went for 100,000 and went over 100,000 reviews. We are at a 105 five-star reviews on iTunes. Thank you for those who are watching, sharing and responding. We had a lot of episodes this year and it was right about 200 episodes for 2018. I’m able to log into my dashboard and be able to see what the top ten episodes are. I thought I’d share those top ten episodes with you.

I’ll talk a little bit about what we have planned for the New Year. Some of the goals that I’ve set for myself and the show and for WeCloseNotes.com. One of the great things about seeing some on a regular basis is you never know what episodes are going to resonate with a lot of people. I try hard to make sure that we are delivering good content and great speakers or vendors or investors or people that will add something to your business. I know we often have speakers that aren’t note investors. We’ve had a few people that aren’t real estate investors, but I believe they share a lot of great content that has something that is important whether it’s a mindset. It’s something to think about as you’re working through your note business.

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