Podfest Expo Family with Chris Krimitsos

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Podfest Expo Family with Chris Krimitsos

44:22 · 2019

Episode 390

Scott: I’m honored to have an amazing guy that may not know what an impact he has had on the show, believe it or not. I went to an event down in Orlando, Florida. That is a family atmosphere and so close to what my Note Mastermind is like. I met this amazing guy there who’s been putting it on for years. I’m a big believer that if you’re going to be podcasting and looking to start a podcast, this is the one must-attend event you must go to. I’m honored to have Chris Krimitsos. He is the Founder of the Podfest Expo. Thanks for joining us. I know you’ve been busy. You’ve got a little one on the way here as well too. You are a man and a legend. I would say one of the biggest advocates for the podcasting community. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to join us.

Chris: Thanks, Scott. Thanks for asking me to be on. What people don’t realize is I don’t get asked to be on a lot of podcasts because people assume I’m busy, which I am. I am still honored when friends and peers invite me onto their podcast. Thanks for having me.

Scott: You come from the background of doing a lot of events. Why don’t we talk a bit about your background and how it phased into podcasting?

Chris: My background originally is media. I started in the real estate circle. It all seems the real estate circles breed a lot of people. I would go to real estate events, like Larry Harbolt has a Monday night meeting in Tampa, Florida that’s legendary. It’s been going on for many years every Monday night. I started going to those real estate events and then I figured, “How can I differentiate myself?” and like what you’re doing. Back then it was easier to get on TV. I got on terrestrial TV and I created a show called Millionaire Mindset where I would interview a lot of these real estate speakers that would come through the town. All of them had different topics and niches that they focused on. We started The Bleepin Truth. The Bleepin Truth was a political debate show that was extremely controversial for the time. Long story short, the shows were doing great. We had a fight break out on the political debate show. One of the guests left the set and threw a chair at the other one on live TV. I had to get one tough First Amendment attorney and he represents the adult industry so he’s a great First Amendment attorney to represent me and my plight at the station. I was able to get my show back, but a year later they took me off the air.

It was all on a technicality and if anyone knows anything about corporate America, they’re always going to get you on a technicality. I learned what P&P means, which is policy and procedure. I would read that book and find the loopholes. Eventually, they wrote a loophole out of the book. I didn’t realize they passed the amendment under the cover of darkness and it took me out about a year later. What I did was I took the real estate show. Even though it was more of a business show, but real estate in Florida in ‘05, ‘06 was the topic. I took that show and we created a community of like-minded individuals back then and we called it the Tampa Bay Business Owners. I didn’t realize this, but my show had built a lot of influence locally. I sent out an email to 300 people and I got 99 people to show up. I had an immense amount of influence in the local area and we built this community of entrepreneurs. Out of that community, we would create events based on the feedback we got. I averaged about 125 to 150

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