Note Night in America - 2021: A Note Odyssey

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Note Night in America - 2021: A Note Odyssey

51:10 · 2019

Note Night in America Episode 26

This is a very special 100th episode. It’s hard to believe that we’ve done 100 episodes of these for the last couple of years. I’ve been doing webinars a lot longer than just 100 episodes. Since we started doing Note Night in America and then also The Monday Note, this is episode number 100. I’m totally honored especially to those who have been here for a lot of these episodes over the last years. I’m absolutely jacked up that we hit this number. We have many people join us for the first time who have never been a part of our Monday night webinars. We have a variety of people. We’ve got note investors that are active and we’ve got real estate investors looking to get into the note industry. We’ve got people that are looking at notes as a way of diving into the real estate industry as investors or looking to put their money to work in the notes. One of the things we do as well, to take it a little bit extra step as we take these webinars every Monday night is we throw them on YouTube, so you can always catch the replays on WeCloseNotes.TV or you can go to iTunes, Stitcher, all the Smart TV channels, as well as iHeartRadio. Get our episodes on there as well.

We’d get the podcast Note Night in America, which is our least amount downloaded among the three that we have, just over 5,000 downloads on iTunes as we started uploading them. It’s still been very effective and we’re glad to have that there. One of that marks the 26th episodes on the podcast as well. Always we started sharing our goals for everybody about what we want to accomplish in five years. We still have the five-year goal to educate and create 10,000 note investors. 10,000, because we believe there’re a lot of opportunities still in the market and going to hit the market. This webinar is going to be about some of those opportunities that we see. It may scare some of you. We still see a lot of opportunity in the market. I’ve been talking to some of my great people, some of my peers. We feel like a lot of stuff is even getting closer and closer to being out there. I don’t worry about it. “You’ve taught so many people.” You’ll see the reason why it does not bother me to have the goal of helping create and educate 10,000 investors. I want to share some numbers with you about Note Night in America. For those of you that are looking to do some marketing on a regular basis, this is why I wanted to share these numbers for. In the last hundred times we’ve done this, we’ve had over 25,000 RSVPs in total across the board. That’s all RSVPs that I’ve got. It’s not the individual investors.

We’ve had over 13,000 of those show up. We’ve averaged about 50% to 53% of those registered get live. It’s not included in what’s going on with Facebook Live because Facebook Live changed how we do some stuff about halfway. We’ve had over 9,500 Facebook views over the last year. A big chunk of Facebook views is going on there as well. That has affected the attendance ratio that we can see for those who show up to the RSVP. Looking back at the top three Note Night in America episodes. Number three was our Note Civil War we did with Fuquan Bilal where him and I took half our faces. He was Captain America and I was Iron Man. We discussed the marriage between first and second lien investing. It was great. Number two is Sourcing Note Deals. Number one was the Marketing Octagon, which was surprised to that aspect of it. Number four, five, six were c

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